Lo Reltarma

Lo Reltarma


The capital city for the island, Lo Reltarma, is the first city built by the wizard Lendore when he arrived on the island 500 years ago. It was established on the banks of the Reltar River just 3.5 miles inland from the coast where a bend in the river provided a natural harbor. Since its founding, the city has expanded and its population has grown to just under 20,000 in the city and surrounding environs.

Originally built to be a stronghold for Lendore, Lo Reltarma grew as more people fled the nearly constant state of warfare on the main continent during that time. The city has transformed from a wizard’s fortification at its inception to a primary port city with a supporting shipbuilding industry for the Reltar Principality. As the city expanded from the hills beside the river, large areas of agriculture sprung up on the protected southern bank of the river to provide for the needs of the city.

Political Significance

As capital of Lendore Isle, the Council of Seven meet here annually to discuss and govern the affairs of the Island nation. Typically, these discussions involve settling internal disputes between the various regions of the island before problems erupt into open warfare. After the Dwarvo-Elvish Wars about three and a half centuries previous, the Council was expanded to include the leaders of the elves (The Speaker of the Great Maple) and the dwarves (The High Thane of the Stone Throne) who also reside on the island.

The city itself is a free city. and theoretically not a part of a particular region although it is completely within Reltar. Because of city’s location however, the principality has risen to prominence among the regions. The Prince of Reltar does not have direct authority over the city however. The task of governing falls to three individuals; the Lord Mayor, the Lord Chamberlain, and the Chancellor of the Treasury.

Lo Reltarma

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