Lendore - Island of Adventure

Sacking the Temple, Part 2

or Total Party Kill :(

The new assault of the temple met with disaster from the outset. The thieves Arella and Janus scaled the wall and were able to assist Artemis in getting a perch to attack the guard and wolves from the wall top. Taking out the guard in one shot, the Arella, Artemis, and Janus attempted to descend the wall to engage the wolves, but Janus fell, apparently killing her. The other two descended safely, dispatching the wolves and opening the front gate for the others. They investigated the outbuilding of the temple, killing two other guards/servants, and tying up two others. Entering the temple, they once again went to the upper level of the temple. Here they were ambushed by 9 goblins. Despite taking injuries, they defeated the goblins. They found a room that had been converted to a torture chamber. Pressing on, they found their way into the head priest’s quarters. Combat ensued, and he fled, but Chiad was severely injured, preventing pursuit. They also found that he had been keeping a young girl, Cirilli Finla, prisoner She related that Abramo (the head priest) had kept her as his when she had not been charmed by the serpent god. Her parents are the general store owners and that she would not return to them or her brothers because they had become part of the cult and would betray her. A cure light wounds spell was used to revive Chiad, but she was still in no condition for strenuous activity or combat. It was decided that Chiad would accompany Cirilli back to the Slumbering Serpent and hide her there while the rest of the party finished exploring the temple. They returned to the lower level where Chiad and Cirilli exited and the party realized that Abramo had escaped with Misha Devi. Heading back through the central sanctuary, they discover a meeting room, the kitchen, and dining areas. Finding nothing, they continue on, discovering a hallway of meditation cells. They are attacked by the monks meditating within. Fighting valiantly, they fall in combat and are captured.



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