Lendore - Island of Adventure

Sacking the Temple, Part 1

...and running amok in Orlane

After two days of healing and recovery, and miraculously no legal repercussions from breaking into the temple, the party paid a visit to the old hermit. They learned that his name was Ramne and he was aware that something strange was afoot. Due to his old age, he had not done anything overt about it, but that his pet weasel, Whiskers, had been keeping him informed. When they questioned that, he told them that he knew they had paid a visit to the temple. They revealed they encounter with the undead. Taking that as evidence of their sincerity, Ramne told them that Whiskers was a great spy (who would suspect a normal little weasel?) and that he had learned that there had been many visits to the Golden Grain Inn by the clerics of the temple. He also indicated that the Mayor should know about the undead at the temple as “no good priest would create undead as guards.” Thanking him for the information, Yoriek paid another visit to the Mayor while Arella and Janus kept an eye on the Golden Grain Inn. The rest of the party went back to the Slumbering Serpent to verify as much as possible to the character of Ramne from the Cralloons.
The Mayor was distressed to hear about the undead at the temple and generally believed Yoriek’s story because the ‘invasion’ of the temple had not been reported to the authorities. He said that he could not risk an direct investigation yet, but he would welcome an ‘unofficial’ inquiry, though he would have to disavow any knowledge of it. Yoriek leaves, gets the thieves, and returns to the party. They decide to pay a second visit to the Golden Grain Inn. Combat broke out and several men were slain and 4 were captured. The constable was called and instead of imprisoning the captured, he freed them and gave the party until sunset to leave town. They went back to the Slumbering Serpent and faked a departure.



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