Lendore - Island of Adventure

Adventure in Orlane

Finding the problem

The party used the information the gathered to pay a visit to the temple of Merrika. They were met by Misha Devi, who assured them that nothing was amiss in the town. There meeting unsuccessful, the went to what turned out to be the house of the elves, Dorian & Llywillian. They would not comment much, but because of Chiad clearly being part elven, they did say they were also looking into the strange events and taking a hard look at the temple and the Golden Grain Inn. They declined an offer to work together and share information. Yoriek then went and spoke with the Mayor while the rest went back to the Slumbering Serpent to inquire of Belba & Ollwin. The Mayor wasn’t sure about what was going on, but he felt uneasy about the clerics at the temple, some of his citizens in the southwest part of town, and the strange hermit. However, they learned from the Cralloons that the hermit was a semi-regular in the Inn and that he hadn’t displayed any unusual changes in behavior as many of the town’s inhabitants had. Based on this, Yoriek and company went back to the temple to confront Misha Devi again. She told the party to leave and they refused until they got answers. Before any combat took place, Misha fled under cover of a darkness spell. Taking that as an admission of guilt, the party invaded the temple, finding their way into a statuary room and then to the upper floor where they found a room of undead. The skeletons were destroyed, but Aethelric and Harold were killed. The party retreated back to the inn to heal and recuperate.



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