Lendore - Island of Adventure

Artemis Hangs For a Few Days

What Is She Up To?

Artemis has been seen in the northwest quarter of the capital, Lo Reltarma four days in a row, a little over a week from the split of the companions at Orlane.

In talking with Jarod at the Golden Gargoyle Inn, Artemis left word that she was seeking Thomas Stoutheart for some training. She then return to her apartment to rest for the day. Later that evening, she returned to the Rolling Roc for a meal of roast chicken before heading into the sewers for the evening. Since Will had been injured during the last trip, San himself accompanied her into the complex.

Staying to the east side of the complex, they re-explored everything that she and Will had covered. In doing so, they cleared a group of wandering giant rats, with only San sustaining a single bite. Finally, taking to the one corridor in the east side that had not yet been explored, they found themselves in a bedroom/lab where the companions had previously killed Albert Grimblade. Artemis and San found more giant rats nesting and feeding on his corpse. They were able to dispatch with ease.

They then headed north down the stairs that led to a graveyard or mausoleum where they found a pair of ghouls conversing with a frog over the most disgusting looking pile of large worm-like creatures with human faces. Catching them by surprise, Artemis killed them with well placed arrows and injured the frog. The frog began to morph into a small demon-esque creature. Not seeing San, Artemis flees only to realize that he was still inside. She headed back and called out to him as the worm like creatures were heading toward her. Her calling out gave away San’s hidden position, but nonetheless they were able to flee together.

They took a moment to plan a strategy and then returned to the area, but the little demon creature and the strange ugly worms were gone. They did not wait around, they returned to the entrance, only to be accosted by more giant rats. They killed them as well, again with only San taking damage. With that, they sealed the east side doorway, and returned to the surface.

The next morning, Artemis received word that Thomas was willing to train her (for a fee, of course). She consulted with San, who agreed they each needed a bit of a break from the sewers. With that Artemis, agreed to return after training.



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