Lendore - Island of Adventure

A Failure and a Success

Visiting the The Foaming Mug

Under cover of darkness, the party sneaks back into Orlane and spends a day recovering from the minor injuries sustained in the previous day’s fight. That night, the party makes an attempt to scale the wall of the temple. Upon getting to the top of the wall, they spy a guard and three wolves patrolling the grounds. Artemis takes four shots at the wolves, missing with all four shots and alerting the guard. Deciding that this just isn’t their night they climb down from the wall only to run into Dorian & Llywillian, who are also covertly observing the temple. With all parties unable to continue secret activities, they exchange a few irritated remarks and retire back to the Slumbering Serpent. The next day, Chiad questions the Cralloons about the incident at the Foaming Mug a few months back. They don’t know much and they were displeased that the constable swept it under the rug by calling it a bar brawl gone bad. That night, again under cover of darkness, the party investigates the dilapidated bar. While nothing incriminating to the priests was found at the old place, they found that three troglodytes were using the place as a hideout. They killed the trogs, but that deepened the mystery. Was their presence there by design of the priests or was it just happenstance? The party went by Golden Grain Inn in their route back to the Slumbering Serpent and found the elves watching the place. After a brief discussion (Krull was told not to talk to the elves, haha), it was learned that the elves knew that trogs were indeed involved, but not that they were hiding in the old pub. This small bit of cooperation was gained on the promise of the party not interfering with the evening’s surveillance. Bound by the promise that returned to the inn for the night. The decided that the next night they would once again try to gain access to the temple, since the elves were focused on the Golden Grain.



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