Money of Lendore

Lendore Isle Monetary Standard

There are six types of coins officially minted by the government in Lo Reltarma. These coins are the only legal tender accepted for government purposes, however other coins are known to exist. The Duke of Kroten to the north has established his own mint and outside of the capital most citizens will use whatever coins or even blank metal slugs are available. Despite the lack of uniformity, a standard does exist for Lendore Island and it is outlined below.

The coin of least value is the brass Square. The brass Square is a 70%/30% copper-zinc alloy. It, as the name implies, is in the shape a square measuring 20 mm per side. It has a thickness of 1.9 mm. There are about 70 coins per pound. At 400 Squares to the Griffon, it is the coin of the lowest classes.

The next coin in value is the copper Bit. The Bit is a hexagonally shaped coin measuring 24 mm point to point with 12 mm sides. The coin is 2 mm thick. Copper Bits have a specific weight of 130 coins per pound.

The third coin is the silver Mason. It is a round coin with a diameter of 18 mm and a thickness of 1.4 mm, making it the thinnest of Lendore’s coins. It is also the most common coin found on the island. Masons have a specific weight of just over 123 coins per pound.

Fourthly is the electrum Quarter. The electrum Quarter is a 70%/30% silver/gold alloy. It is a round coin 17 mm in diameter with a thickness of 1.5 mm. This gives the Quarter a specific weight of just over 101 coins per pound.

The second most valuable coin of the realm is the gold Griffon. A rare sight indeed, the gold Griffon is a round coin with a diameter of a mere 15 mm. The Griffon is 1.7 mm thick, giving this heavy coin a specific weight of just over 78 coins per pound.

Finally, the most valuable coin is the platinum Eagle. The Eagle is the rarest coin of the island (a mere 20,000 or so have been produced). Usually only found on noblemen, the Eagle has a diameter of 15 mm and is 1.5 mm thick. Though the smallest coin by volume, the metal’s density gives this coin a specific weight of about 79¾ coins per pound.

Value Table of Lendore Isle Coins

1 copper Bit = 4 brass Squares
1 silver Mason = 5 copper Bits
1 electrum Quarter = 5 silver Masons
1 gold Griffon = 4 electrum Quarters
1 platinum Eagle = 2 gold Griffons

Money of Lendore

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