Lendore - Island of Adventure

On the Offensive
21 Kills and Saving a Town

The captured party is one by one, taken before the serpent god and attempted to be charmed. Samira, Artemis, and Arella succumb to the charm, while Janus, Krull, and Yoriek resist and are imprisoned within the dungeon. The charmed party members are taken to get get rest and further healing. They are then escorted back to Orlane and told to await instructions from Bertram. Four days have passed.

In the intervening time, Chiad, who is at the Slumbering Serpent, awakes to find the Mayor, the elves, and Ollwin listening to Cirilli’s tale and the names of folks she knows are cult members. Unsure how to save his town without killing the cult members, the Mayor asks Chiad what she can add to the story, especially now that her friends are undoubtedly in the hands of the cult. She suggests that Ramne may be of some help as he was able to give them some information that his weasel had acquired. Skeptical, but with few other options, the Mayor sends Ollwin for Ramne. When he arrives, he listens to the Mayor’s dilemma and Cirilli’s story. He is convinced that the so-called serpent god is a spirit naga and the cult members are victims of its charm power. He says he has a possible solution but it really only has a 50-50 chance or less of actually working, but if successful, would minimize cult member casualties. Since it would involve gathering all the cult in one room though, failure would most likely be fatal. He leaves the mayor to decide. The Mayor agrees to proceed. He announced a town meeting for the next day to be held at the Golden Grain Inn to discuss the outrageous attack by the party on the temple and plans to retaliate. The trap baited, the townsfolk, including the cult members, show up for the meeting. Once all are in the room, Ramne casts a spell to dispel the charm and it works. With the charm broken, the cult has its membership quite depleted. However, none of the leadership was taken in and it is believe that many of the farmers south of town are still charmed as well.

Chiad and Ramne look for assistance to go after the missing party, but between the feeling that the trouble is past and lingering discontent about the party’s involvement in the killings at the temple despite exposing the cult, no assistance was forthcoming. Given the cult’s slow nature of action, they decided to wait and see.

This proved to be wise. Not only did it allow Chiad to recover to full health, it allowed the cult to make its first blunder. When Samira, Artemis, and Arella arrived at the Golden Grain, it was no longer a cult meeting place. Bertram sent Snigrot to get Chiad and Ramne. They were able to come with the constable and dispel the charm from them as well.

Now, with a larger party, an assault on the dungeon could begin. The next day, guided by Whiskers, Chiad, Samira, Artemis, and Arella, along with Ramne, travelled to the dungeon. After a brief discussion on whether to flood the dungeon, they decided to enter instead. They entered, loudly, as Samira slipped on the muddy stairs, knocking all of them down and sending them tumbling into the guards at the bottom of the stair. Pretending to still be cult members, Artemis convinced them that they had prisoners for Primo Garath, the cleric who sent them back to town. They were able to pass allowing them to explore.
They found their way to the room with “the comfortable chairs” where their initial command by Primo had been given. There they defeated two humans in combat. Chiad acquired a glowing sword from one of these. This section seemed to be a nicer area of barracks. They found one other human with whom they fought. Killing him, Samira acquired his shield. In an empty bedroom, Samira smashed open a chest which was found to contain a scroll with two cure light wounds spells. They also took a tiny statuette of the Serpent God.

Exploring further to the west, they discovered a cave that contained a pool. There they were attacked by a pair of killer frogs. They were able to kill the frogs, but Arella was incapacitated in the fight. They bound her wounds and hid her in the mud. After a bit they went back to use healing spells on her, making ambulatory but still unable to fight.

They wound their way around back to the east where they discovered many unstable walls & ceilings. Leaving a door alone for fear of collapse and actually seeing where a sinkhole had collapsed moved them north again. Here they discovered the food storage and minor armory for the complex. Nothing of extreme value, but wisely they picked up ten torches. This brought them around to another hallway that contained barracks (of a lower class for certain). In this area, they were attacked by the guards as they entered each room and also drew attention from the guards they had previously duped. They managed to slay all 16 guards, but in doing so, took enough damage that they (wisely) retreated for the day.

Impatient as ever, Krull and Janus pick and break their way, along with four other prisoners, out of their cells. Unable to free, Yoriek, they move on leaving him behind. Unfortunately, they don’t have a light source, break into a room where they are confronted by a creature that smells like death itself. Despite appearing to have killed it once and delivering an apparent tremendous amount of punishment on it, the foul creature strangled both of them.

Sacking the Temple, Part 2
or Total Party Kill :(

The new assault of the temple met with disaster from the outset. The thieves Arella and Janus scaled the wall and were able to assist Artemis in getting a perch to attack the guard and wolves from the wall top. Taking out the guard in one shot, the Arella, Artemis, and Janus attempted to descend the wall to engage the wolves, but Janus fell, apparently killing her. The other two descended safely, dispatching the wolves and opening the front gate for the others. They investigated the outbuilding of the temple, killing two other guards/servants, and tying up two others. Entering the temple, they once again went to the upper level of the temple. Here they were ambushed by 9 goblins. Despite taking injuries, they defeated the goblins. They found a room that had been converted to a torture chamber. Pressing on, they found their way into the head priest’s quarters. Combat ensued, and he fled, but Chiad was severely injured, preventing pursuit. They also found that he had been keeping a young girl, Cirilli Finla, prisoner She related that Abramo (the head priest) had kept her as his when she had not been charmed by the serpent god. Her parents are the general store owners and that she would not return to them or her brothers because they had become part of the cult and would betray her. A cure light wounds spell was used to revive Chiad, but she was still in no condition for strenuous activity or combat. It was decided that Chiad would accompany Cirilli back to the Slumbering Serpent and hide her there while the rest of the party finished exploring the temple. They returned to the lower level where Chiad and Cirilli exited and the party realized that Abramo had escaped with Misha Devi. Heading back through the central sanctuary, they discover a meeting room, the kitchen, and dining areas. Finding nothing, they continue on, discovering a hallway of meditation cells. They are attacked by the monks meditating within. Fighting valiantly, they fall in combat and are captured.

A Failure and a Success
Visiting the The Foaming Mug

Under cover of darkness, the party sneaks back into Orlane and spends a day recovering from the minor injuries sustained in the previous day’s fight. That night, the party makes an attempt to scale the wall of the temple. Upon getting to the top of the wall, they spy a guard and three wolves patrolling the grounds. Artemis takes four shots at the wolves, missing with all four shots and alerting the guard. Deciding that this just isn’t their night they climb down from the wall only to run into Dorian & Llywillian, who are also covertly observing the temple. With all parties unable to continue secret activities, they exchange a few irritated remarks and retire back to the Slumbering Serpent. The next day, Chiad questions the Cralloons about the incident at the Foaming Mug a few months back. They don’t know much and they were displeased that the constable swept it under the rug by calling it a bar brawl gone bad. That night, again under cover of darkness, the party investigates the dilapidated bar. While nothing incriminating to the priests was found at the old place, they found that three troglodytes were using the place as a hideout. They killed the trogs, but that deepened the mystery. Was their presence there by design of the priests or was it just happenstance? The party went by Golden Grain Inn in their route back to the Slumbering Serpent and found the elves watching the place. After a brief discussion (Krull was told not to talk to the elves, haha), it was learned that the elves knew that trogs were indeed involved, but not that they were hiding in the old pub. This small bit of cooperation was gained on the promise of the party not interfering with the evening’s surveillance. Bound by the promise that returned to the inn for the night. The decided that the next night they would once again try to gain access to the temple, since the elves were focused on the Golden Grain.

Sacking the Temple, Part 1
...and running amok in Orlane

After two days of healing and recovery, and miraculously no legal repercussions from breaking into the temple, the party paid a visit to the old hermit. They learned that his name was Ramne and he was aware that something strange was afoot. Due to his old age, he had not done anything overt about it, but that his pet weasel, Whiskers, had been keeping him informed. When they questioned that, he told them that he knew they had paid a visit to the temple. They revealed they encounter with the undead. Taking that as evidence of their sincerity, Ramne told them that Whiskers was a great spy (who would suspect a normal little weasel?) and that he had learned that there had been many visits to the Golden Grain Inn by the clerics of the temple. He also indicated that the Mayor should know about the undead at the temple as “no good priest would create undead as guards.” Thanking him for the information, Yoriek paid another visit to the Mayor while Arella and Janus kept an eye on the Golden Grain Inn. The rest of the party went back to the Slumbering Serpent to verify as much as possible to the character of Ramne from the Cralloons.
The Mayor was distressed to hear about the undead at the temple and generally believed Yoriek’s story because the ‘invasion’ of the temple had not been reported to the authorities. He said that he could not risk an direct investigation yet, but he would welcome an ‘unofficial’ inquiry, though he would have to disavow any knowledge of it. Yoriek leaves, gets the thieves, and returns to the party. They decide to pay a second visit to the Golden Grain Inn. Combat broke out and several men were slain and 4 were captured. The constable was called and instead of imprisoning the captured, he freed them and gave the party until sunset to leave town. They went back to the Slumbering Serpent and faked a departure.

Adventure in Orlane
Finding the problem

The party used the information the gathered to pay a visit to the temple of Merrika. They were met by Misha Devi, who assured them that nothing was amiss in the town. There meeting unsuccessful, the went to what turned out to be the house of the elves, Dorian & Llywillian. They would not comment much, but because of Chiad clearly being part elven, they did say they were also looking into the strange events and taking a hard look at the temple and the Golden Grain Inn. They declined an offer to work together and share information. Yoriek then went and spoke with the Mayor while the rest went back to the Slumbering Serpent to inquire of Belba & Ollwin. The Mayor wasn’t sure about what was going on, but he felt uneasy about the clerics at the temple, some of his citizens in the southwest part of town, and the strange hermit. However, they learned from the Cralloons that the hermit was a semi-regular in the Inn and that he hadn’t displayed any unusual changes in behavior as many of the town’s inhabitants had. Based on this, Yoriek and company went back to the temple to confront Misha Devi again. She told the party to leave and they refused until they got answers. Before any combat took place, Misha fled under cover of a darkness spell. Taking that as an admission of guilt, the party invaded the temple, finding their way into a statuary room and then to the upper floor where they found a room of undead. The skeletons were destroyed, but Aethelric and Harold were killed. The party retreated back to the inn to heal and recuperate.

Mysterious Happenings In The East
What Makes Orlane So Special?

Gaming Session 8/1/2016

On the second day after the events at the Library, the adventurers receive a message from Jarod Walker that a chest had arrived for them at his inn. The chest turned out to contain the promised reward from Thomas Stoutheart for his rescue. The chain mail, shield, scroll, wand, and potions were divided among those present (and the shield to Artemis who was tending to Yoriek).

While celebrating their good fortune, a wine merchant from entered The Golden Gargoyle, bring a shipment of the Orlane Special Wine that Jarod sells. The heroes overhear the merchant telling Jarod the fanciful tales of the strange happenings in the small farming town of Orlane. Disappearances, reappearances, uncharacteristic brawls and attacks, and the change in atmosphere in the town from friendliness to suspicion and fear all happening within the last year. Speaking up and inquiring of the merchant further, the lines between rumor and truth were blurry, but they made the decision to investigate the strange occurrences. They spend the rest of the day preparing and getting supplied for the journey.

The next day Janus, Krull, Chiad, accompanied by Harold, Althelric, and new friend Samira, headed east out of the capital toward Orlane, passing through Timmonsville and Stonebridge along the way. During the day and a half trek, they hear more stories on the odd (and some quite fanciful) events in the small hamlet. Arriving mid-afternoon the second day of travel, they are greeted by the frightened stares of farmers’ families as they enter the town.

The party visited the Golden Grain Inn, the town weaver, and the moneychanger, before making their way to the Inn of the Slumbering Serpent as the sun began to set. Questions were asked and strange answers were given. Convinced that there was clearly something amiss in the town, they took rooms at the Slumbering Serpent for the night to rest and to decide their next move.

On To New Adventures
Finding Mallard's Fate

Gaming Session – 12/17/2013

With the addition of the half-orc Krull and the the elf Janus, the decision was made by those present (Rose and Flynn were absent) to break-in once again to the Rolling Roc Pub and investigate any remaining mysteries. They were unhappy that Mallard had not yet been found and realized from their map that there were unexplored areas of the sewer. Upon entering without detection, they decided to make a full examination of the pub itself. They were successful in discovering the secret closet in the kitchen with James ill-gotten gains and that James was not only a crook, but a poor barkeep as well, evidence indicating that he was frequently watering the drinks.

Discovering nothing further there, the party re-entered the old sewer complex beneath the Rolling Roc Pub and made several discoveries. First, they explored the old room occupied by assailants they never had to face. There was little evidence as to their identities and, in fact, only the recent signs of a fight in the room gave any indication that anybody had been there recently. Continuing deeper into the delve, they discovered the shrine to Syrul and the unfortunate fate of Mallard. They destroyed the three zombies and stole the knife used for the sacrificial ceremonies. They also correctly surmised that the slime coated ladder rose to street level, a covered manhole in the middle of Pub Street.

Exiting the ancient sewers, they were able to go to Gems Galore and sell the gold ingot for 120 Griffons.

While returning to their apartments, they were attracted to a disturbance at the Ferrantio Library. They were able to gain the trust of the head librarian, Portia, and she allowed them access to the basement stacks. There they discovered that Dr. Thorngreen and Nardo (Portia’s son) had been abducted.

They soon discovered that a small band of eight orcs had found a secret cache of lost manuscripts, scrolls, and books under the library basement. The orcs were holding Dr. Thorngreen and Nardo hostage and having them look for the most valuable of the writings. They party happened upon the orcs and a battle ensued when Janus (inadvertently?) insulted the half-orc leader. The leader, his lieutenant, and four of the remaining orcs were killed (the last two fled and were not seen again). Yoriek was gravely wounded in the battle and was at death’s door.

After tending to Yoriek, Krull, Janus, and Arella grabbed a number of items for themselves. Krull collected a scroll with a portion of The Annals of Gannick II, Baron of Warfield written by Smedish, his court scribe; a soft-bound booklet entitled Of Meadows and Metals: A Treatise on the Mining Wars by Rolf, a minor historian; and an uncredited pamphlet entitled Sleight-of-Hand Tricks to Amuse and Amaze. Janus acquired four items, including an uncredited pamphlet titled The Use of Plain Crystals in Illumination; two soft-bound booklets, Sea Devil Legends by Craighton and The Last Days of Acererak the Horrid by Simeon; and a hardbound book called Catalogue of the Giants of the Central Continent by J. L. Forteson. Arella pilfered a scroll containing an untitled musical composition by the famed bard Rantzen, a pamphlet written by Rantzen and Fulmick, a name otherwise lost to history, that is titled Excursions in Musical Chords and Harmony, and a book bound in fine leather entitled Flora of the Western Olmean Empire by Nicholante, a sage who lived four centuries ago.

Harold and Aethelric were able to press Portia and Dr. Thorngreen for historical information and background regarding how the secret cache of literature came to be. They also assisted the city guard in determining how the orcs were able to gain access to the secret cache.

This evenings adventuring includes the defeat of 3 zombies and 6 orcs and the saving of countless literary and academic treasures from the hands of the orcs. Each character present for the evening earns a total of 561 experience points for the kills, treasure taken and bonus for doing minimal damage to the ancient texts.

Shutting It All Down

Gaming Session – 8/7/2013

The party (consisting of Arella, Artemis, Rose, Flynn, Aethelric, and Harold) decided to venture out in search of information, since they had not heard from San. They go to the Golden Gargoyle and speak to Jarod Walker, who can shed no light on the whereabouts of Mallard, Dizzy, or Matt. He did not even know who San was and had not seen anyone meeting his description.

They tried over at the Rolling Roc, where Flynn drank a honey mead and pumped James Bainlord for information. They were shocked to find James had been beaten severely. He claimed that he had not seen Dizzy, Matt, San, or Mallard in some time and that he had been beaten because he didn’t pay his insurance. James hinted that his brother would help him take care of those who beat him. When asked about Albert, he assured Flynn that Albert had “already been taken care of.”

Returning to the Golden Gargoyle, they wanted to let Jarod know that they were still looking to break up the insurance gang and that James had been hit last night. Jarod burst out that James Bainlord and his brother were untrustworthy scum. He reminded the party that the Rolling Roc was Matt’s and Dizzy’s favorite hangout. He also said that while he couldn’t prove anything, that he felt James Bainlord was running illegal gambling out of his place.

Based on what the party heard, they decided to reenter the sewers via the Rolling Roc after its closing. At 1 am, Flynn picks the lock and lets them into the pub. They search the pub and find nothing incriminating, so the decision is made to go back into the sewer complex. Their explorations last about 3½ hours.

They find the bottom of the ladder is guarded by zombies made from the clerics they killed two days before. They are able to dispatch them and they move forward with the exploration, finding an empty room that used to house two persons, but no evidence of where they went. They follow the wide tunnel around to the right where they found doors to a room of the tunnel. Entering the room from both ends, they attack and slay four drunken priests.

The party continues down the hallway and finds a large chamber with a stairway leading down to a door. Opening the door, they are confronted by Del, who is interested in talking before fighting. He tells them that he owes them a favor for killing Albert for him. A quick conversation reveals the schemes of both Govan and the Bainlords. Del assists them by giving them information that allows them to sneak up on Josef and Govan. The unexpected assistance gives them the edge in slaying Josef, though Arella is wounded.

She and Del wait by Govan’s secret escape passage to surprise him should he try to run. By drawing out Josef, the party is able to catch Govan unprepared. They grievously wound Govan, but he uses a darkness spell to make his escape. Despite knowing it could happen, Arella and Del are surprised by Govan escaping through the tunnel. He uses that to attempt to escape down the corridor, but Arella puts two arrows in his back to kill him.

Rose, Artemis, and Flynn search for treasure and evidence of criminal activity and find both. The documents reveal that not only were the kidnapped persons being sold into slavery, but that Josef was skimming gold off of the top, cheating Govan and the priesthood. In addition to their personal coins, the party found a pair of potions, a gold ingot, and an ornate sword, presumably belonging to Thomas Stoutheart. For his assistance, Del is allowed to keep Govan’s leather armor.

During the search for treasure and documents, Flynn triggered a poison needle trap, nearly killing him. Only the quick thinking (and luckiness) of Rose pouring an unknown potion (fortunately one of healing) saves his life. This leaves him too weary to continue and they exit the sewer through the Rolling Roc into the predawn hours of the city.

For the night’s activity, including the defeat of five zombies, four drunken clerics, Josef, and Govan, and bonuses for subverting Del, breaking up the slave trade, and collecting evidence of additional criminal activities, the party earned 728 experience points per player character. 5 experience points per character was earned for treasure. Flynn earned 200 experience points for the use of the potion and 125 experience points for two assassinations. Though Yoriek did not accompany the party into the sewers, he is awarded 94 experience points for the healing spells used on the characters.

Experience Points Earned

Arella 364/364
Artemis 733
Flynn 1058
Rose 733
Yoriek 94

Friends To The Rescue
Taking Out The Dead

Gaming Session – 8/1/2013

New characters are created and join the game: Artemis Scylus, Rose, Yoriek, Chiad, and Flynn.

Artemis, Rose, Yoriek, Chiad, and Flynn are searching the streets for their missing new friend Arella. They are outside the last place she was seen, the Rolling Roc Pub. They are surprised by San, who has information on Arella. San lets them in to the closed pub. They enter the kitchen after hearing noise within.

It is Thomas and Arella coming through the trapdoor. Thomas is weak from his capture and imprisonment. He leaves, asking them to be on the lookout for his sword, a family heirloom, and promises a reward for them. The rest enter the sewers where Arella leads them to Harold. San is able to free him and the group decides to go after the spider.

Gaming Session – 8/2/2013

The party finds the old storage room disturbs a rats’ nest and sends them scurrying. The scurrying rats draw out the spider, which the group is able to slay. A search of the room reveals some coins and a magic scroll.

Next, they find the room that contains four cultist clerics. Yoriek fumbles his first spell, command, but aids the combat with his bless spell. The loot the bodies and find a pearl and some coins. They then explore another corridor and find a room with a cult priest at a shrine. They overcome and slay him quickly. Rose destroys shrine and Flynn removes the rubies from the shrines’ statue. They also find an amethyst and coins on the man.

The party finds an old burial ground and stumble unexpectedly into a ghoul. Despite taking wounds, the party defeated and destroyed the ghoul. Feeling that they had pushed their luck enough for one day (or night), They made their way out of the sewers via the Rolling Roc and retired to their apartments, while San went to “report to his bosses.” During the course of the next two days, the party was able to heal their wounds. Flynn was able to sell the gemstones, including the pearl. Chiad was able to use a read magic spell in order to determine that the scroll contained a magic missile spell.

The characters each earned 124 experience points for the excursion and Chiad earned 100 experience points for the magic scroll.

The Insurance Scam

Gaming Session – 3/20/2011

At the Rolling Roc, a man named Govan Silvertongue comes and takes the stage claiming to have a powerful elixir of health. He has a man named Logan come up to the stage to give a testimony about how much better he feels since taking it. Dizzy, having returned tells him to shove it and stabs him. The wound miraculously closed right in front of all of the onlookers eyes. Govan tells anyone interested to meet him back at the Rolling Roc after dark as he is expecting a new shipment by the end of the day.

After conversing with San further, they agree to meet him outside the restaurant after it closes for the evening. The five of them secretly enter the Rolling Roc sometime after midnight. They enter the kitchen where they find a hidden trap door and a passage down into what San thinks might be the old city sewers. At the bottom of the ladder, the party is met by undead skeletons and are defeated and captured, except for San who escapes. Arella, Harold, Aethelric, and Ozzy find that they are prisoners of Govan and a man named Del, who they have not seen before. Arella tells them of the “insurance” sales and both Govan and Del seems to be surprised and angry. Govan orders them locked in the “dungeon”.

Ozzy successfully picked Arella’s and Aethelric’s locks, along with a fellow prisoner named Thomas Stoutheart. Arella is able to pick the lock on Ozzy’s restraints, but neither is able to free Howard. The freed prisoners are able to overcome the skeleton guards. Arella, Ozzy, and Thomas begin an escape, while Aethelric remains behind to protect Harold.

The escapees wander the dark halls for about an hour until they stumble into an old storage area. Ozzy is surprised and killed by a large spider and Arella and Thomas flee. They continue to wander blindly through the hallways until they find their way back to the hallway where the skeletons captured them. They destroy the remaining skeletons and climb the ladder into the Rolling Roc.


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