Zakarias Ormond

Mayor of Orlane


Mayor Ormond has been in charge of Orlane for 23 years. He has been polite and curious with visitors. His friendly appearance and his habit of acting methodically sometimes gives the impression of being soft, but he is an astute and capable leader. He will take decisive action when it is necessary, but rarely acts in haste or out of panic.

The mayor lives with his wife and four children (2 young daughters and 2 grown sons) in a house near the mill pond. Since being the mayor of a small farming village does not require full time concentration, he can often be found in his woodcarving workshop behind the house.


Stories around Orlane about the Mayor tell how he was briefly a soldier in the guard and spent time serving with the elves in the forests to the north. Upon the death of his father, he came back to Orlane to assume the post of Mayor.

Zakarias Ormond

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