Misha Devi

A priestess of Merikka


Misha is currently on a mission of penance to be restored to the priesthood of Merikka. She was last seen in Farstead with Samira, Janus, Mijdrown, and Artemis. She did not join them when the left town.


Formerly a priestess in the farming villiage of Orlane, she was charmed by the naga, Explicita Defilus, and converted to the cult that plagued the village.

Unlike Abramo, Misha was not been unbalanced by her conversion. She was captured at the Battle at South Farms and the charm was dispelled. She was be devastated by what she had done, however, she was able to help deal a final financial blow to the cult and helped to make restitution.

For this action, Mayor Ormond banished her from town instead of having her executed. Merikka has Misha completing a severe penance for her actions in Orlane.

Misha Devi

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