Lendore - Island of Adventure

Shutting It All Down

Gaming Session – 8/7/2013

The party (consisting of Arella, Artemis, Rose, Flynn, Aethelric, and Harold) decided to venture out in search of information, since they had not heard from San. They go to the Golden Gargoyle and speak to Jarod Walker, who can shed no light on the whereabouts of Mallard, Dizzy, or Matt. He did not even know who San was and had not seen anyone meeting his description.

They tried over at the Rolling Roc, where Flynn drank a honey mead and pumped James Bainlord for information. They were shocked to find James had been beaten severely. He claimed that he had not seen Dizzy, Matt, San, or Mallard in some time and that he had been beaten because he didn’t pay his insurance. James hinted that his brother would help him take care of those who beat him. When asked about Albert, he assured Flynn that Albert had “already been taken care of.”

Returning to the Golden Gargoyle, they wanted to let Jarod know that they were still looking to break up the insurance gang and that James had been hit last night. Jarod burst out that James Bainlord and his brother were untrustworthy scum. He reminded the party that the Rolling Roc was Matt’s and Dizzy’s favorite hangout. He also said that while he couldn’t prove anything, that he felt James Bainlord was running illegal gambling out of his place.

Based on what the party heard, they decided to reenter the sewers via the Rolling Roc after its closing. At 1 am, Flynn picks the lock and lets them into the pub. They search the pub and find nothing incriminating, so the decision is made to go back into the sewer complex. Their explorations last about 3½ hours.

They find the bottom of the ladder is guarded by zombies made from the clerics they killed two days before. They are able to dispatch them and they move forward with the exploration, finding an empty room that used to house two persons, but no evidence of where they went. They follow the wide tunnel around to the right where they found doors to a room of the tunnel. Entering the room from both ends, they attack and slay four drunken priests.

The party continues down the hallway and finds a large chamber with a stairway leading down to a door. Opening the door, they are confronted by Del, who is interested in talking before fighting. He tells them that he owes them a favor for killing Albert for him. A quick conversation reveals the schemes of both Govan and the Bainlords. Del assists them by giving them information that allows them to sneak up on Josef and Govan. The unexpected assistance gives them the edge in slaying Josef, though Arella is wounded.

She and Del wait by Govan’s secret escape passage to surprise him should he try to run. By drawing out Josef, the party is able to catch Govan unprepared. They grievously wound Govan, but he uses a darkness spell to make his escape. Despite knowing it could happen, Arella and Del are surprised by Govan escaping through the tunnel. He uses that to attempt to escape down the corridor, but Arella puts two arrows in his back to kill him.

Rose, Artemis, and Flynn search for treasure and evidence of criminal activity and find both. The documents reveal that not only were the kidnapped persons being sold into slavery, but that Josef was skimming gold off of the top, cheating Govan and the priesthood. In addition to their personal coins, the party found a pair of potions, a gold ingot, and an ornate sword, presumably belonging to Thomas Stoutheart. For his assistance, Del is allowed to keep Govan’s leather armor.

During the search for treasure and documents, Flynn triggered a poison needle trap, nearly killing him. Only the quick thinking (and luckiness) of Rose pouring an unknown potion (fortunately one of healing) saves his life. This leaves him too weary to continue and they exit the sewer through the Rolling Roc into the predawn hours of the city.

For the night’s activity, including the defeat of five zombies, four drunken clerics, Josef, and Govan, and bonuses for subverting Del, breaking up the slave trade, and collecting evidence of additional criminal activities, the party earned 728 experience points per player character. 5 experience points per character was earned for treasure. Flynn earned 200 experience points for the use of the potion and 125 experience points for two assassinations. Though Yoriek did not accompany the party into the sewers, he is awarded 94 experience points for the healing spells used on the characters.

Experience Points Earned

Arella 364/364
Artemis 733
Flynn 1058
Rose 733
Yoriek 94



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