Lendore - Island of Adventure

Return to Orlane

Stinking Troglodytes

While recuperating in Timmonsville following the defeat of the kobold tribe and their allies, Yoriek receives a direction from an intermediary of Apollo in a dream. Following this command, the group prepares to return to Orlane to face the remnants of the serpent cult. At this point, a stranger, named Argus, wanders into town, looking quite disheveled and in desperate need of assistance. Taking him to be the “living weapon” Apollo was referring to in his message, Yoriek, Chiad, and Arella, use their spells and treasure to heal and arm him.

They set off for Orlane by way of the town of Stonebridge. In Stonebridge, the take time to properly equip Argus, and are joined by a young fighter named Marty. Assisting him financially as well, the group gets the needed gear and spends the night in Stonebridge, setting off for Orlane the next morning.

The uneventful trip brings them back to the Inn of the Slumbering Serpent and Ollwin. He is surprised to see them as they were assumed dead after their last foray into the swamp. The spend the better part of the afternoon catching up on the events in Orlane since their departure almost two weeks previous. they also take time to consult with Ramne who is convinced that the time to strike a finishing blow against the naga is now. The villagers have seemingly forgotten the cult already and are just trying to move on, but Ramne is worried that unless Primo is killed or captured, the cult could return. No one knows what became of him, nor Abramo since the Battle at South Farms, as it is now being called.

The group takes rooms at Ollwin and Belba’s inn for the evening, and foray into the swamp and dungeon complex therein. They find the upper level of the complex nearly deserted; only a skeleton crew of troglodytes guarding the stairs to the lower level. One guard escapes down the stairs.

Ramne’s ferret, Whisker’s manages to track the trog, despite the odor, to a large cavern, where they defeat seven troglodytes and a giant mudviper. Having taken several wounds and deciding not to press their luck further, they retreat back to Orlane for the evening to recoup.



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