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Finding Mallard's Fate

Gaming Session – 12/17/2013

With the addition of the half-orc Krull and the the elf Janus, the decision was made by those present (Rose and Flynn were absent) to break-in once again to the Rolling Roc Pub and investigate any remaining mysteries. They were unhappy that Mallard had not yet been found and realized from their map that there were unexplored areas of the sewer. Upon entering without detection, they decided to make a full examination of the pub itself. They were successful in discovering the secret closet in the kitchen with James ill-gotten gains and that James was not only a crook, but a poor barkeep as well, evidence indicating that he was frequently watering the drinks.

Discovering nothing further there, the party re-entered the old sewer complex beneath the Rolling Roc Pub and made several discoveries. First, they explored the old room occupied by assailants they never had to face. There was little evidence as to their identities and, in fact, only the recent signs of a fight in the room gave any indication that anybody had been there recently. Continuing deeper into the delve, they discovered the shrine to Syrul and the unfortunate fate of Mallard. They destroyed the three zombies and stole the knife used for the sacrificial ceremonies. They also correctly surmised that the slime coated ladder rose to street level, a covered manhole in the middle of Pub Street.

Exiting the ancient sewers, they were able to go to Gems Galore and sell the gold ingot for 120 Griffons.

While returning to their apartments, they were attracted to a disturbance at the Ferrantio Library. They were able to gain the trust of the head librarian, Portia, and she allowed them access to the basement stacks. There they discovered that Dr. Thorngreen and Nardo (Portia’s son) had been abducted.

They soon discovered that a small band of eight orcs had found a secret cache of lost manuscripts, scrolls, and books under the library basement. The orcs were holding Dr. Thorngreen and Nardo hostage and having them look for the most valuable of the writings. They party happened upon the orcs and a battle ensued when Janus (inadvertently?) insulted the half-orc leader. The leader, his lieutenant, and four of the remaining orcs were killed (the last two fled and were not seen again). Yoriek was gravely wounded in the battle and was at death’s door.

After tending to Yoriek, Krull, Janus, and Arella grabbed a number of items for themselves. Krull collected a scroll with a portion of The Annals of Gannick II, Baron of Warfield written by Smedish, his court scribe; a soft-bound booklet entitled Of Meadows and Metals: A Treatise on the Mining Wars by Rolf, a minor historian; and an uncredited pamphlet entitled Sleight-of-Hand Tricks to Amuse and Amaze. Janus acquired four items, including an uncredited pamphlet titled The Use of Plain Crystals in Illumination; two soft-bound booklets, Sea Devil Legends by Craighton and The Last Days of Acererak the Horrid by Simeon; and a hardbound book called Catalogue of the Giants of the Central Continent by J. L. Forteson. Arella pilfered a scroll containing an untitled musical composition by the famed bard Rantzen, a pamphlet written by Rantzen and Fulmick, a name otherwise lost to history, that is titled Excursions in Musical Chords and Harmony, and a book bound in fine leather entitled Flora of the Western Olmean Empire by Nicholante, a sage who lived four centuries ago.

Harold and Aethelric were able to press Portia and Dr. Thorngreen for historical information and background regarding how the secret cache of literature came to be. They also assisted the city guard in determining how the orcs were able to gain access to the secret cache.

This evenings adventuring includes the defeat of 3 zombies and 6 orcs and the saving of countless literary and academic treasures from the hands of the orcs. Each character present for the evening earns a total of 561 experience points for the kills, treasure taken and bonus for doing minimal damage to the ancient texts.



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