Lendore - Island of Adventure

Mysterious Happenings In The East

What Makes Orlane So Special?

Gaming Session 8/1/2016

On the second day after the events at the Library, the adventurers receive a message from Jarod Walker that a chest had arrived for them at his inn. The chest turned out to contain the promised reward from Thomas Stoutheart for his rescue. The chain mail, shield, scroll, wand, and potions were divided among those present (and the shield to Artemis who was tending to Yoriek).

While celebrating their good fortune, a wine merchant from entered The Golden Gargoyle, bring a shipment of the Orlane Special Wine that Jarod sells. The heroes overhear the merchant telling Jarod the fanciful tales of the strange happenings in the small farming town of Orlane. Disappearances, reappearances, uncharacteristic brawls and attacks, and the change in atmosphere in the town from friendliness to suspicion and fear all happening within the last year. Speaking up and inquiring of the merchant further, the lines between rumor and truth were blurry, but they made the decision to investigate the strange occurrences. They spend the rest of the day preparing and getting supplied for the journey.

The next day Janus, Krull, Chiad, accompanied by Harold, Althelric, and new friend Samira, headed east out of the capital toward Orlane, passing through Timmonsville and Stonebridge along the way. During the day and a half trek, they hear more stories on the odd (and some quite fanciful) events in the small hamlet. Arriving mid-afternoon the second day of travel, they are greeted by the frightened stares of farmers’ families as they enter the town.

The party visited the Golden Grain Inn, the town weaver, and the moneychanger, before making their way to the Inn of the Slumbering Serpent as the sun began to set. Questions were asked and strange answers were given. Convinced that there was clearly something amiss in the town, they took rooms at the Slumbering Serpent for the night to rest and to decide their next move.



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