Lendore - Island of Adventure

Mopping Up

Finishing work in Timmonsville

Yoriek, Chiad, and Arella spend two days in Timmonsville, recuperating and resupplying. While Chiad and Arella paid a visit to the general store in town, Yoriek paid a visit to
the leader of the town council. He conferred with him about the kobold rading problem, learning that such a raid happened every month and a half to two months. Most times, animals were pilfered and crops stolen. Occasionally a townsperson was killed fending off the raid. Yoriek hints that they could take care of the kobold problem for the town for a reward. He is told that the town is not wealthy but he would meet with the other elders to see what could be done.

The next morning, Yoriek is summoned to the lead councilor’s home where he is told that the council has authorized an electrum Quarter per kobold ear. With that incentive, Yoriek, Arella, and Chiad return up the mountain to the kobolds’ lair. They kill six kobolds at the entrance. Inside the caves, they find that the boar pen is gone, and the fungi farm, while intact, is ill tended. They find the cave of trash is now pile with the bodies of many of the dead kobolds from the raid two days before. But before they can collect ears from the dead bodies, a chirping sound is heard and a large creature comes bounding at them and they beat a hasty retreat from the cave.

They enter another cavern and battle three kobolds. The kobolds are killed, but Arella is grievously wounded as well, and would have died if not for the quick spell casting of Yoriek. He and Chiad hide the wounded Arella in the boar pen cave, and spend some time mapping out the cave system. They then retrieve Arella and head back to Timmonsville.

Arella recuperates for six days, while Chiad and Yoriek plan the next foray into the caves.

They return to the mountain the next week and kill three more kobolds. They find the entrance to another cave where they killed 5 goblins, before they can search the bodies, they are surprised by two more. They killed one and captured the other. They learned that the kobolds were swearing allegiance to the goblin chief. The captured goblin was left to live in exchange for the fealty gift he was given by the kobold chief, but was left tied up in the cave. They explored further and found an armory where picked up a spear. They returned to the trash cave and spent some hours collecting the dead kobold ears.

They continue to explore the cave system to find empty cave after empty cave. They return to pick up the captured goblin, only to find him untied and gone. Convinced the caves have been abandoned, they return to Timmonsville.

The town council honors the agreement to pay for the kobold ears and, in fact, pay a little bit more than the agreed price in gratefulness.



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