Lendore - Island of Adventure

Indentured Servitude

Using Evil to Fight Evil

The previously felled characters Chiad, Yoriek, and Arella are revived to find themselves prisoners of Primo Garath. He offers not to kill them in exchange for completing a task for him. While skeptical, they agree to listen to his offer. Primo explains that he aware that Explicita is no god, but that she is useful to him and his true god, Set. “Real power,” he says, “comes from the old gods.” Since the three of them have completely ruined his plans in Orlane, and since he is so benevolent, he will graciously allow them to pay his debt to him by getting rid of a pesky kobold tribe to the north that is causing him problems.

The three of them agree to help, but Primo is no fool. He exacts an oath from Chiad to complete the mission of destroying the tribe. To keep an eye on them and to ensure they are fulfilling the bargain, he sends the surviving monk from the temple of Merikka, Ahmon-dek, with them to assist and keep them on task. They set out two days later.

They travel west out of the swamp and take the road to Stonebridge. From there, they take the north road toward the tiny rural town of Timmonsville. They spent the night on the road without incident. The next day, the reach Timmonsville, then strike out into the wilderness, into the southern reaches of the Dragonsteeth Mountains. Ahmon-dek leads them up onto the nearest mountain, where a trail leads then to the caves containing the kobolds’ lair.

They quickly dispatch the kobold guards at the cave entrance and the secondary guard post just inside the the first cave. They discover an alcove which actually has a tunnel out the back of it. The group follows this tunnel to find a mined out complex with actual rooms constructed. They investigated a room that appeared to be a workshop, Here, Chiad was burned by acid when she failed to detect a trap on a chest she opened. Fortune favoring the bold, it did contain three potions they determined to be diminution potions.

Opening a door, they found the remains of a bedroom, Chiad was surprised by two large spiders, but they were able to kill them without taking any wounds. They collected some treasure that was quite dusty, but valuable.

Going back through the workshop, they came to a dining area with a kitchen attached. It was clear that these areas had not seen human inhabitants in years, though local denizens had cleared the area of any edible foodstuffs. Yoriek found a shiny knife in the drain of the sink, and they found some a tiny tunnel behind the ashes in the fireplace and some jewelry in the ashes. In fact they recalled seeing these tiny tunnels all over the this mined section.

One door led to a bathroom facility, unremarkable except for another tiny tunnel behind the tub. Another room that appeared to be a storeroom or pantry of some sort, contained some albino mice that created the illusion of giant kobolds attacking. They killed one the mice and the illusion was dispelled.

Deciding that there were no kobolds to be dealt with in this area, they made their way back to the natural cavern area to investigate. They found a cave that had been made into a makeshift pen to contain a wild board that had been captured, one that was being used to grow various fungi, one that contained the water source for the delve, and yet another that was being used by the kobolds as a trash dump.

One cave they found, had a barracks for seven kobolds and they promptly dispatched those, garnering some treasure in the process. They came to another cave that housed the females and the young of the kobolds. Chiad and Yoriek were not going to attack, but Ahmon-dek forced the issue by killing a female and positioning himself to block the cavern entrance. The battle ensued and the 40+ females and young were killed while the party took very little damage.

When this was finished, Yoriek was so incensed that he attacked Ahmon-dek immediately with a spell. Chiad joins in the fight with her spell, then combat. Ahmon-dek falls and Yoriek smashes his skull for good measure.

After collecting their wits, Chiad, Yoriek, and Arella, continue down another tunnel and find the “throne” room of the kobold chieftain. Here they slay the chieftain, his bodyguards, and 10 more kobolds. They pick up quite a bit of treasure in the process.

They choose another tunnel and find their way into another barracks for the kobold males. Most are asleep except for three guards they did not detect ahead of time. They kill the three guards and two others as the rest are awakening. Feeling as though they had pushed their luck enough for the day, they fled down the tunnel, and out of the cave. Since it was nearing twilight and that would give the kobolds the advantage, they retreated to Timmonsville and rented a room for the evening.



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