Lendore - Island of Adventure

From Orlane to Farstead

The Group is Split

With only Artemis, Janus, and Samira seemingly surviving the wrath of the Serpent God and her minions, they are unclear as to what to do. Ollwin Cralloon comes to them and gently reminds them that he needs some kind of payment for the rooms they have been renting. They give him all they have in the party treasury, but they are still short 71 Griffons. He agrees to let them stay until they can make further arrangements for the rest that they owe him. Later that day, they get a message from the constable that Misha Devi wants to speak with them. They go to find that their financial predicament has reached her ears in jail. She offers them a solution. She knows where the cult has some of their treasure stored and she will help them acquire it, but only if they can get her freed. They agree to speak to the Mayor on her behalf.

The visit to Mayor Ormond is pleasant but he is a cautious man. He cannot allow her to go in full daylight without risking his reputation. He agrees to release her temporarily after sundown to make the trip. He also wants to discuss compensation for his villagers who have been so affected by this cult. Janus assures him that something might be able to be worked out, but how much will depend on the amount they are able to steal from the cult treasury. They agree to meet again after the raid.

They return to the Inn of the Slumbering Serpent. There they are met by a newcomer, Mijdrown, who claims to be a half-brother to the now deceased Krull. He agrees to join them to exact a little vengeance and for treasure.

They all meet at the jail after Sundown where the Mayor gives the order to temporarily release Misha to the custody of Janus. They immediately set out for the swamp complex. Misha tells them where the treasure is stored and the realize it is in the cavern where they had killed the giant frogs previously.

When they arrive, they find the area guarded by two troglodytes. They kill the trogs and Misha shows them the secret door that hides the chamber with the treasure. There were three chests of treasure and two were damaged in trying to open them. It was then they realized they didn’t have a good way to carry everything. They were able to take one of the chests and load the remainder in their backpacks. Fortunately for them, it fit. They returned to Orlane.

Upon their return, they dropped Misha off at the jail and proceeded to the Mayor’s home. There they came to an equitable settlement for the division of the treasure. The four adventurers returned to the Inn of the Slumbering Serpent and paid their remaining debt. Following that, Mij and Janus pay the moneychanger a visit. Here they use the treasure to purchase gemstones to make the wealth easier to transport. They return to the Slumbering Serpent to stay for one last night. Having made the decision to head to Farstead to the north on the rumor of bounty hunting work, they will set out the next day. They are waiting on Mayor Ormond, who has promised letters of introduction for to the Mayor of Farstead for Artemis, Samira, and Janus.

While they are waiting, two events take place. First, a message comes to them to meet “a friend” after sundown north of town. Second, a merchant in from Stonebridge reports passing a group heading out from Orlane that is eerily similar in description to Arella, Yoriek, and Chiad who were accompanied by a strange monk. They were rumored to be heading north.

The Mayor’s letters arrive late enough so that Janus and company decide to wait for the “friend” and hope that by heading north, this other group was also headed to Farstead. After dark, they meet the friend, who turns out to be Misha. In exchange for her assistance in acquiring the treasure, he has reduced her sentence to Banishment from Orlane. She says that she has communed with Merikka and was instructed to give the group her ring and travel to Farstead. Janus keeps the ring and invites Misha to join them since that is in fact where they are going. Neither Janus nor Mij trust her, but feel it is easier to keep tabs on her in this way. They camp out under the stars for the night. Just before daybreak, they set out on the road for Farstead, stopping in Stonebridge for supplies.

Upon their arrival in Farstead that afternoon, they meet the mayor, Clayton Miles, at the Judge’s Inn. He tells them the story of Falrik Moondance, wrongly accused of murder, breaking out of custody, and in doing so, stealing a valuable artifiact. The mayor is offering a reward of 200 Griffons for the safe return of Falrik and a bonus of 300 Griffons for the return of Annacon (the Sword of Justice). He then tells them what no one else knows. A passing hunter recalls that he saw an elf fitting Falrik’s description at the ruins of Kanos’ Mansion, about three miles up the road. The party agrees to look for Falrik.

They camp on the edge of town for the night and set off for the mansion at first light. They explore about half of the main floor. In the process of this exploration they combat and kill 5 stirges, a crab spider, and 4 hobgoblins. They were also chased by an apparition from the dining area. Investigating a scroll that they found Janus was cursed and paralyzed. The party takes refuge in one of the guest rooms they cleared to see if the paralyzation will pass.



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