Lendore - Island of Adventure

Friends To The Rescue

Taking Out The Dead

Gaming Session – 8/1/2013

New characters are created and join the game: Artemis Scylus, Rose, Yoriek, Chiad, and Flynn.

Artemis, Rose, Yoriek, Chiad, and Flynn are searching the streets for their missing new friend Arella. They are outside the last place she was seen, the Rolling Roc Pub. They are surprised by San, who has information on Arella. San lets them in to the closed pub. They enter the kitchen after hearing noise within.

It is Thomas and Arella coming through the trapdoor. Thomas is weak from his capture and imprisonment. He leaves, asking them to be on the lookout for his sword, a family heirloom, and promises a reward for them. The rest enter the sewers where Arella leads them to Harold. San is able to free him and the group decides to go after the spider.

Gaming Session – 8/2/2013

The party finds the old storage room disturbs a rats’ nest and sends them scurrying. The scurrying rats draw out the spider, which the group is able to slay. A search of the room reveals some coins and a magic scroll.

Next, they find the room that contains four cultist clerics. Yoriek fumbles his first spell, command, but aids the combat with his bless spell. The loot the bodies and find a pearl and some coins. They then explore another corridor and find a room with a cult priest at a shrine. They overcome and slay him quickly. Rose destroys shrine and Flynn removes the rubies from the shrines’ statue. They also find an amethyst and coins on the man.

The party finds an old burial ground and stumble unexpectedly into a ghoul. Despite taking wounds, the party defeated and destroyed the ghoul. Feeling that they had pushed their luck enough for one day (or night), They made their way out of the sewers via the Rolling Roc and retired to their apartments, while San went to “report to his bosses.” During the course of the next two days, the party was able to heal their wounds. Flynn was able to sell the gemstones, including the pearl. Chiad was able to use a read magic spell in order to determine that the scroll contained a magic missile spell.

The characters each earned 124 experience points for the excursion and Chiad earned 100 experience points for the magic scroll.



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