Lendore - Island of Adventure

Battle at South Farms

Dealing the enemy a blow

Returning from the swamp hideout, the party unwinds and relaxes the evening and injuries away at the Inn of the Slumbering Serpent. They awake in morning to a hubbub in the town and a suggestion by Ollwin to see the Mayor immediately. He has grim news. Janus was found on the South side of the villiage, nailed to a tree. Tied to the tree below her was a severly beaten Yoriek. Also nailed to the tree was a note promising vengeance on the viliage of Orlane. Threats in the note included burning the town and an invasion of troglodytes.
Mayor Ormond dispatched emissaries to the elves requesting help and scouts to the south to determine the credibility of the threat.

As it turned out, there was a nearby patrol of elves and Orlane had 80 archers by sundown. This supplemented the 80 men that were able to be mobilized into a unit of pikemen. The mayor was also able to put together a pair of ballista crews.

The scouts reported back that the threats were not only credible, but underway. An enemy force of troglodytes and xvarts were camped at one of the farms south of the villiage. Acting quickly, the mayor ordered his forces to march that evening, taking a position at a farm just up the road from the enemy encampment. Additionally, a plan was hatched to attempt to capture Misha Devi with the hope that she could be interrogated to gather information on the city’s plans.

Based on information from the scouts, the militia was able to position themselves for battle before daybreak. Much to their surprise, the enemy also had a small unit of undead. The battle ensued and the militia took the field but at great cost. Casualties were over 50% on the militia, but over 100 troglodytes and 70 xvarts were killed and the zombies all destroyed. More importantly, Chiad and Artemis, thanks to fortuitous invisibility spells from Ramne, were able to get behind the battle lines, and capture Misha Devi.

After the battle, Ramne was able to break the charm on Misha Devi and she was able to be interrogated by the party. In her remorse, she was able to give them the location of a secret door in the complex where they could bypass the crocodiles waiting for a meal. She also warned them that Primo has a wight in the complex. She was also able to inform them that Explicitica was looking to expand into surrounding towns and villages, but was not aware of why or the ultimate goal of the naga.

The party took a week after the battle to recuperate and heal. At that point, all but Janus were able to set out for the swamp outpost. The party was able to bypass the crocodiles using the secret door. They busted down a door and found a troglodyte guard post and quickly dispatched the two guards. Busting through another door, they were confronted by 4 troglodytes. Chiad, Arella, and Yoriek were felled, leaving Artemis and Samira to escape.



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