Lendore - Island of Adventure

At the "Haunted" House

Vindication for an Innocent Elf

After three hours, Janus regains the ability to move as the curse finished running its course. The party leave the guest room that they were holed up in and came down the corridor to the crossing of the hallways where they find a statue of a gargoyle. The gargoyle animates and attacks the group. Samira strikes the gargoyle and the illusion is dispelled. The statue is as it was. Mij and Janus lead the group down the corridor to the right side of the house into a small foyer where there are a stairway leading up and a shorter corridor perpendicular to the one in which they were in with several doors

They choose to enter the doorway closest to the front of the house. In there, they find a storeroom or pantry containing casks of sour wine and bags of rotting foodstuffs. An orc bursts out one of the casks and attacks Janus. Injured, she strikes back and dispels the illusory orc. Realizing that that the illusions must be caused by magic, she uses her wand of magic detection to determine that the source is behind the wall. Samira discovers that the wall has a secret door leading to a hidden corridor.

They enter the corridor which winds its way back toward the center of the house. From around the bend of the corridor, a red dragon cranes its neck around the corner and prepares to use its breath weapon. All but Mijdrown realize it to be an illusion and strike it to dispel it. Artemis discovers that that there are peepholes in the wall of the corridors allowing a person to spy into other parts of the house. Further down the corridor, there is a door.

The door though, is a lure for a pit trap. Artemis and Mij fall into the trap, but the others avoid it. After climbing out of the pit and through the doorway, they find a room hidden inside the secret hallway. The room is empty and the only things of note are a secret door leading back into the hallway (to avoid the pit trap) and a stairway heading down.

The party descends the stairway and as they reach the landing the see an elf run down a corridor to the right. They give chase and Janus calls out for the elf to wait. The elf waits, but has a bow and arrow pointed at them and tells them not to come any closer. Janus tells the elf that they are looking for Falrik, to bring him news of his vindication and to recover Annacon. The elf wavers and Janus sheaths her sword. The elf disappears and there is a voice behind them. It is Falrik in the corridor to the left with Anacon. He lays it down and bids Jauns to come near it as he backs off. He has his bow and arrow at ready, but not pointed at them. As Janus nears the sword, it begins to glow. Falrik says that the sword goes back to the days of the Dwarvo-Elvish wars and in addition to its power of lie detection, it also glows in the presence of elves.

Unfortunately, an ogre appears around the corner of the corridor to the right. Samira throws her hammer at it striking it and Falrik fires a pair of arrows at it striking it. Misha strikes it with her mace and it swings at her, but misses. Mij and Artemis both smite the ogre, killing it. They decide to check the ogre’s lair for treasure before returning to Farstead with Falrik. Falrik warns them of a pit trap at the entrance to the ogre’s room.

They take the ogre’s treasure and Falrik agrees to accompany the party back to Farstead. It is twilight as they leave the mansion. They have a run-in with a few kobolds on the return, but they take care of them quickly.

Upon their return to to Farstead, they return to the Judge’s Inn to find Clayton Miles. Janus relates the story to the Judge and he pronounces vindication for Falrik. He asks for the return of Annacon, but Janus insults him by asking for the payment first. He complies with her request, but since he is Mayor, Judge, and proprietor of the inn, once the exchange is complete, he asks them to leave town and refuses to rent them a room for the evening. They head out of town, taking the road back toward Stonebridge, making camp less than a mile outside of town.

In the morning, Misha tells them that she has been commanded to head north by Merikka. They decide to continue to Stonebridge and, after giving Misha a share of the reward money, part copmpany. Janus, Artemis, Samira, and Mij continue on to Stonebridge. They find a room in a local inn and relax for the time being..



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